Road Tripping with your Pet? Here’s some Tips!

I love bringing my dog Murphy on road trips. It’s not the perfect getaway unless he’s there with me, but I want him to be as comfortable and safe as possible. So if you’re like me and enjoy taking your four-legged bestie on the road with you, here’s some tips.

1. Find pet friendly hotels on or

2. Have a copy of your pet’s medical and vaccination records with you. It’s helpful to have in case there’s an emergency. Also, if you want to send them to doggy daycare for an afternoon, they will need your pet’s records, so research ahead and find a high rated one near your accommodations.

3. Research ahead of time to find the nearest emergency vet clinic. It’s important to know in case you need one right away.

4. I know it’s fun for our pets to roam about the vehicle freely on a road trip, but it can be dangerous if there’s an accident or you have to brake suddenly. Make sure cats are in a carrier secured with a seat belt. And there are safety harnesses for dogs that can be attached to seat belts. Or put them inside their crate.

5. Some animals don’t travel well, so talk to your vet about motion sickness medication if need be. And don’t feed your pet right before you leave. This should help cut down on car sickness.

6. I always have chew toys, snacks and a travel water dish in the car so we don’t have to pull over every five minutes to keep Murphy entertained. However, every two to three hours, we stop somewhere and let him run around for a few minutes, so he doesn’t ever feel too cramped or bored.

7. DO NOT ever leave your pet in the car in hot temperatures. I don’t care if it’s just for 5 mins. Don’t do it!! Have fun and safe travels!

8. Make sure your pet’s tags with your contact information are up to date.

9. Always have a muzzle. Your dog may be the sweetest, but if he/she gets out of the element they’re used to, they could become scared and aggressive.

10. Make sure they’re microchipped before you leave town.

11. Do a couple short road trips with your pet as a test run to help prepare them.

12. Download the American Red Cross Pet First Aid App before your trip. They have great advice.

13. Get pet insurance if you’re dog doesn’t have a pre-existing condition. You’d rather be cautious. It can save you lots of money.

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