US and Turkey Suspend Non-Immigrant Visas

Photo by: Jenny Karakaya

If you’ve been thinking about traveling to Turkey, you might need to reschedule your plans.

Photo by Jenny Karakaya

It was announced on Sunday that the U.S. abruptly suspended non-immigrant visas after the arrest of a consulate employee. In return, Turkey halted visa services in the U.S., and issued this statement:

“Recent events have forced the Turkish Government to reassess the commitment of the Government of the U.S. to the security of the Turkish Mission facilities and personnel. In order to minimize the number of the visitors to our diplomatic and consular missions in the U.S. while this assessment proceeds, effective immediately we have suspended all visa services regarding the U.S. citizens at our diplomatic and consular missions in the U.S. This measure will apply to sticker visas as well as e-Visas and border visas.”

For more info check out these articles on ABC News or CNN.

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