Volunteers Needed in Lesvos, Greece to Help Refugees

The refugee crisis in Greece may not be dominating the news anymore, but it’s still a very real thing that’s happening. The island continues to take in as many people fleeing from war torn countries and conflicts as much as possible, and help is needed.

So here’s a few volunteering opportunities for those interested in giving back in Greece.

House of Humanity is an organization that has created a safe community for refuges to pick up supplies they need like clothing, food and other basic items.

They are looking for volunteers for November and December to help with sorting clothing donations, driving and distributing aid for the people living in the Moira camp.

Heather Newgen volunteering in Lesvos

In addition, House of Humanity is looking for someone who can help put together photos for a highlight/promo video they’d like to make in order to raise awareness for the situation in Lesvos.

They don’t have a website, but you can look them up on Facebook.

Dirty Girls of Lesvos is another great program where you also don’t need special skills to volunteer. The organization collects dirty blankets and sleeping bags to wash them and redistribute to refugees. People are needed to help do laundry.


Stand by me Lesvos  is a non-profit that helps refugees in several ways. They are currently looking for volunteers for their Winter Refugee Food Program. They serve thousands of hot meals a day to women and children and urgently need not only volunteers, but donations.

25 Euros can feed a refugee for a month.
100 Euros can feed a refugee family for a month.
Or donate just 1 Euro, which will feed a refugee for a day.

You can donate online by PayPal, credit card or transfer directly to their bank account.
Click here for more information about donating.

There are also many other organizations in need of volunteers. There’s a Facebook group called Information Point for Lesvos Volunteers that you can check out.


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