New Cuba Travel Restrictions for Americans

Photo by: Debbie Emery

President Trump is making good on his word to make travel more difficult to Cuba.

He recently imposed new restrictions that are currently in effect and here’s what you need to know:

Photo by Debbie Emery

There are still authorized categories that will allow you to visit Cuba, which you can see here.

However, the people-to-people category that shows “support for the Cuban people” is no longer a thing. So that’s out. It’s been completely eliminated.

If you go as a tourist, you will now have to be part of an organized group by a U.S. owned tour company, and a representative from the tour group must accompany you on your travels.

Photo by: Debbie Emery

There is also a long list of businesses, which include hotels, stores and tourism agencies that Americans can’t visit. Click here to see that list.

However if you’ve already booked any part of your travel to Cuba before the ban took place, you are still able to go without any issues.

Photo by: Debbie Emery

According to the Washington Post the restrictions “are intended to steer economic activities away from the Cuban military, intelligence and security services . . . and encourage the government to move toward greater economic freedom for the Cuban people,” said a senior administration official, one of several authorized by the White House to brief reporters on the changes on the condition of anonymity.”


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