Airlines Impose Restrictions on Smart Bags, but TSA Approved Raden Luggage is your Solution

While smart bags, which include internal tracking devices, smartphone chargers, electronic locks and a weight scale to prevent overpacking, have become all the rage with travelers, airlines aren’t so excited about them. In fact, many are either banning them or will implement serious restrictions beginning in January, 2018.

Why? Smart bags contain lithium battery power banks and when placed in the cargo area of an aircraft, they could potentially catch fire.

However, in most cases, travelers will be allowed to use their smart bag if the battery can be removed. The problem is many bags that are already on the market are designed so the battery can’t be removed.

Bad news for people who already own one, but there’s a solution.

“Raden smart luggage is TSA approved and is capable of charging your electronic devices,” Susan Shieldkret, Owner and President of The Passionate Collector says. In addition, “the removable battery can also be used as a separate hand-held device to charge devices on the go when fully charged, the can charge an iPhone from 0 % to 100 % up to 5 times,” she continued.

And there’s a scale that will weigh your suitcase so you know you’re within weight restrictions set by the airline. Also what’s cool about Raden is that the luggage, “uses a low-powered Bluetooth signal (Bluetooth Low Energy, or BLE) to send out a signal. When a smart luggage’s signal is picked up by any nearby user’s smartphone with the Raden app open, the coordinates for that luggage are sent to Raden’s Crowd GPS server; therefore, a traveler with Raden luggage is able see a full history of their suitcase’s known locations in their app,” Shieldkret told The Voluntourist.


So how can someone safely travel with a smart bag?

Shieldkret offers some advice. “Charge the battery pack at home, weigh your luggage, and then take the battery out of the suitcase before checking the bag at the airport.
Having an easily removable battery makes this much easier. Raden is one of
the only smart luggage’s with a battery that can be removed without a screwdriver.”

To buy visit or stop by their boutique store in Newport
Beach, located at the Newport Coast Shopping Center — 21115 Newport Coast Drive, Newport Coast, California 92657.

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